Staff Wellness

A 10-20 minutes Corporate chair massage using acupressure therapy techniques. Corporate Acupressure Therapy is non-invasive & is proven to have immediate impact of leaving individuals relaxed and  rejuvenated. This leads to increased morale & higher productivity.

Benefits of corporate Acupressure Therapy to your organisation

  • It reduces work place stress which is the highest contributor to low productivity.

  • It Improves concentration due to enhanced blood circulation thereby leading to greater productivity.

  • It demonstrates concern for general wellness of employees.

  • It is an effective preventive health measure that reduces sick-off absenteeism due to stress related illness.

  • It increases Employees morale & motivate them to work harder.

  • It is a much appreciated incentive for top performers within teams.

  • It can be Included as a benefit in your hiring package to attract and retain top talent.

  • It enables you to have a healthier and more revitalized workforce.

  • It Fosters a culture of well-being within an organisation.

  • As a wellness program, it has the highest ROI With 99% staff uptake making it the  most utilized wellness service when compared to others like gym or health club membership schemes.

Onsite acupressure therapy programs are proven to: 

  • Improve workplace morale: Workers appreciate being appreciated. Seeing their company invest in their relaxation and happiness helps employees feel valued.  

  • Increase productivity: Short breaks of 10-15 minutes increase mental focus and productivity. 

  • Alleviate job-related stress: on-site acupressure therapy lowers blood pressure, and regulates heart rate and breathing. When done on the job, this means the workplace becomes a place to revive and relax. 

  • Enhance satisfaction & retention: Employees who receive regular on-site acupressure therapy find renewed sense of loyalty to their workplace.

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