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If you think only coffee can increase productivity, think again. Acupressure therapy boosts blood circulation. This increases alertness leading to greater productivity. Similalry, research has showed that staff members who receive regular therapy display higher rates of productivity as compared to those who do not.

On-site acupressure therapy targets the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands and can prevent repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The therapy releases tension residing in these upper body areas arising from either prolonged sitting hours or constant repetetive movement like typing or texting. Studies have shown that chair massage can increase office productivity while decreasing symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Studies have indicated that:

"Employer-funded therapy improved job satisfaction" Read More

"While both relaxing in a chair for 15 minutes & having onsite-acupressure therapy increased relaxation,the therapy group showed increased alertness & accuracy on math computations compared to people who just relaxed on a chair" Read More

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