Wellness Program

Our wellness program has 99% uptake on our visits. It's a great tool for improving your employees morale & increasing their productivity.


Host a memorable event by including a chair massage session. This is a great value addition to your event that will leave your guests  feeling less fatigued & highly rejuvenated.


A unique personal gift that shows you care. Whether it is a "Thank you gift" to your clients, a "well done gift" to your staff or a gift for that special occasion, It's the thought that counts.

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Why on-site chair massage therapy?


Our clients say that our wellness program always leave the workplace atmosphere better. Employees are happier, more relaxed, and more focused


Research shows that on-site acupressure therapy increases employees productivity while decreasing symptoms of stress


Research has shown that on-site acupressure therapy increases the body's defense by increasing the number of  disease-fighting white blood cells

What our Clients Say

Elisha, Amber Hotel

Absolutely relaxing. It opens up the back. I highly reccomend it as a fatigue remedy.

Carolyne, NSE

Sooooo relaxing! Excited to incorporate into our long-term wellness plan.

Pooja, VISA

Amazing and very relaxing, I only wish it was longer. Thank you for the good Job.

Wondering what to expect?

Wonder no more. When we visit your office, event, site, or home our qualified therapists will set up our comfortable, fully adjustable massage chairs which fits all body types. The therapy is non-invasive and no undressing or use of oil is required. The sessions are hygenic as disposable face covers are used and the therapists  sanitise their hands between sessions. When the enviroment allows, relaxing music will be provided. We got it all covered, so just seat and relax...

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